Dealing with Short-Notice Moves the Stress-Free Way

When one needs to deal with a project as complex and important as a domestic relocation without having a considerable amount of time on their hands, there is potential for disaster. Avoid having to cope with excessive amounts of stress and strain during your short-notice removal by following some simple, field-tested and fool-proof strategies that will assist you with making your life easier during this difficult time of transition.

Get down to work immediately

Since we are describing it all as a “short-notice” removal, the most logical thing to do is to start dealing with the challenges that you are going to face right away. The sooner you start preparing for the impending moving day, the better you will be able to manage it, thus causing minimal stress and strain for yourself and your family. No matter whether you need safe piano moving services, valuable items removals, budget-friendly furniture removal services in London, etc. start planning and organising all the details right now.

Create a strict plan

The key to a successful move lies in planning. Create a strict schedule to adhere to which is going to account for all tasks that you need to take care of. No matter how small or insignificant it can seem, write it down and decide when exactly you will be doing it. Building a rock-solid plan and schedule will enable you to keep track of the work already done, and you will also make sure that you are not going to forget something vital in the hurry.

Find movers who are willing to help you

A licensed, responsible team of removalists operating in your area are going to make the difference on your moving day. Search online for well-reputed man and van services in Beckenham BR3, SE20 for example, if you are based in that area of Greater London. Moving services of good repute, including a dependable man and van in Downham BR1, are not so hard to come by, so you just need to make sure that the firm you have laid your eyes on is:

  • Industry certified
  • Working within your budget range
  • Available on the date you need

Clear off unnecessary furniture and items

Since you will be working on a tight schedule, you need to make sure that you get as little unnecessary pieces of furniture, appliances and even items of personal value as possible. Go through your possessions, one room at a time and make a list of those objects that you would like to see at your new place. Be merciless, so when the time comes for you to pack and load everything on the van, you will not be wasting time. Minimising the amount of boxes will minimise the amount of time you require to get the job done.

Have family and friends helping you

Have the people closest to you sign up to help you and don’t be shy to ask for and accept that help. The more people you can trust are involved in the process, the faster and more efficiently you will be able to get everything done – on schedule and without any of the unpleasant consequences.