5 Bad Movers Warning Signs to Watch For

Relying on the professional assistance of a team of trained movers when planning and organising a relocation can make your moving experience much easier, faster and hassle-free. Still, not all moving companies were made equal. Some of them have not been properly registered, others do not use quality equipment or work with inexperienced movers. The worst-case scenario is to use the “services” of scammers. Worry not because we are here to save the day and to reveal to you the 5 biggest giveaways that your movers should not be trusted:

  • They are unable to answer many of your questions
  • There is no trace of them on the Internet
  • You get an estimate that just seems too good to be true
  • The movers keep asking for a big down payment
  • The company uses vans and trucks that are not marked

They struggle to provide you with useful information

Even if the company you are planning to hire specialises only in professional small removals in London, its employees should still be able and willing to answer all of your questions. In fact, a dependable removals business is also supposed to have a 24/7 client care line. If that is not the case with the company you are considering hiring, you should look for assistance elsewhere because chances are that these people are not professionally qualified and they have no idea on how to carry out a domestic or commercial relocation.

You can’t find anything about them online

These days, all reliable businesses have a website or a page on at least one of the many social media websites. If that is not the case with your company, you should view it as a warning sign. An even more troubling scenario would be if you can’t find a single client review on your movers.

They give you a moving estimate that is too low

It is normal for removal companies to always strive to provide their customers with competitive rates. However, if you get a relocation cost estimate that is much lower compared to those you received from other moving firms, then you are probably dealing with scammers or the service quality will turn out to be terrible.

They ask for a hefty down payment

Many movers require their clients to make a down payment. But if that down payment seems too big to you, do not let your items near those people. The only thing in which they seem interested is getting as much money out of you as they possibly can.

They use unmarked moving vehicles

If the movers arrive in an unmarked van, things are not looking up. The first thing that every self-respected, professional moving company in London does when they add a new transit vehicle to their fleet is to mark it with the firm’s brand, logo, colours, etc.

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