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During a removal of any type things get transported but a lot of them might often give you some challenge when it comes to deliveries. In case you are looking for a safe place to store them temporarily just call our company and let us take care of the matter. We give you:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Low prices

Finding a trustworthy storage unit is pretty much like finding a trustworthy company. Count on our safe depository to protect your items and have them ready for you for whenever you

Need them. Working with us is easy as there are no strings attached to how you use your unit. We simply rent it to you, you put your stuff there. You do not need to notify us when you come to check up on it or to take something out of it. It is completely up to you what you put there, with some exclusions. Organic things and food are not welcome because they usually have an expiration date. If they go bad inside and you are nowhere to be found then a problem occurs. Not to mention that these goods are also temperature sensitive. For other items which are non-organic but require special temperature to be set we have the proper units with dials and generators to maintain a certain level of warmth or humidity.

We also have safe deposit boxes, the ones of the smaller scale in case you are looking to store valuables such as jewelry or documents. We do have full insurance so you do not need to worry about your goods.

Security is an important aspect of our business

Our storage depot is also closely monitored and very well secured. Not only that we have advanced locking mechanism with coding but we also have plenty of cameras with night vision installed. We constantly have guards on duty too.

Trust our high level of professionalism and rely on the safety of our storage units. If you opt to rent more than one, you are looking at discounted prices.

If you decide on going to London for a visit, you will never go wrong. There is plenty to see there but beware that traffic is really nasty. You are better off using The Tube. Walk around the House of parliament where you will also be able to see Big Ben – the huge clock tower. Tower Bridge has incredible historical value and should be seen as well. Don’t forget Trafalgar Square.

META: Never worry about the security of your goods with our London Storage services. CODE storage units are available at a low price.

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