Can You Get Addicted to House Moving?

Moving Boxes - up

The best moment of any home removal process is its end. No one likes to spend endless hours packing boxes, searching for a dependable team of movers or changing utility providers. No wonder that moving is said to be almost as stressful as a divorce. And yet, a phrase like “moving house addiction” actually exists. But how is it possible for anyone to have the desire to move regularly?

Moving home addiction – a myth or a fact

Even though this problem has not been properly explored and researched, the moving house addiction is a real thing. Those who suffer from it are not many but they do share a few common personality characteristics. For example, individuals who love to relocate frequently tend to be risk-takers, thrill-seekers and extroverts. Those are people who easily get bored. Also, they may view every new home as a new project or a challenge which adds an additional purpose to their life. The most common signs which show that you are addicted to moving are that:

  • You are living out of boxes
  • You don’t have pets
  • You are never happy with your house
  • You have stocked up with packing materials
  • You don’t know what hoarding is

A problem or a lifestyle

One can argue whether or not relocating on a regular basis can be classified as a problematic addiction. The truth is that in some cases, moving home frequently is bad and in others, it can be quite enjoyable and even beneficial.

Advantages of moving home often

Moving Boxes - upIf you have become used to changing addresses every few months, you have probably learnt not to become very attached to the material things in your life. Our guess is that you move light and that is great because it helps you focus on experiences rather than on places and objects. Plus, you can move all of your items by opting for an affordable small removals service in London instead of a pricey full-house moving solution.

Another great thing about being a serial mover is that you become more adaptable and flexible. You don’t get caught up in the small details and that makes you less likely to stress over trivial domestic matters. Also, moving home can be fun because it helps you avoid getting stuck in a boring routine and it adds some colour to your everyday life by forcing you to change your commuting route or encouraging you to make friends in your new neighbourhood.

The downsides of regular relocations

Living out of moving boxes may be fun for a few months or even for a year but at some point, you will get tired of it. And what if you have kids? Children of families that move frequently are more likely to perform poorly at school, to develop an attention deficit disorder or to even become aggressive.

In some of the most extreme cases of house moving addiction, people take huge loans just so that they can buy a new property, putting the entire family into debt. So yes, you can get addicted to moving home.