Expert Advice on How to Unpack After Removal

You have finally moved to your new house. It is time to celebrate your new start, right? Well, not so fast because there are piles of freshly-delivered boxes scattered around your house that remind you that it is still early for celebrations. You have post-removal tasks to complete and one of them is unpacking. This task can be challenging and overwhelming at the same time. However, there is nothing to worry about because the hardest part of your removal is over unless you have valuable and expensive items broken or damaged. Unless you hire a team of qualified packers in London to help you unpack your belongings, you will have to do it by yourself. We bring you some expert advice on where to start, which rooms to unpack first and how to unpack like a pro after your removal.

Before you start to unpack

Before you rush into unpacking the boxes and taking out their contents, there are few things you should tackle first:

  • Make an inventory – you probably have an inventory list of all the boxes. Thanks to the most reputable man and van in East Bedford TW14, all the boxes arrived at your new address. But re-check, just to be sure.
  • Take boxes to their destination rooms – having all boxes at one place will not work; carry them to their destination rooms (boxes are labelled, hopefully).
  • Determine high-priority post-removal tasks – even though you will probably feel restless with all those boxes around you, packing might not be your highest-priority task after your move. Determine what number packing is on your priority list.
  • Create a personal unpacking plan – if you do, half of the work is already done. Just remember, there is no deadline so take your time.
  • Unpack essentials box first – if you have an essentials box, this will be easy because it usually contains items you will need for first few days. If you don’t, just unpack essentials first and finish everything else whenever you can, with no pressure.

Which room to unpack first?

Most moving experts will agree that the first room you should unpack is your kitchen. However, there are no rules for this because if you arrive late at night, you will start with a bedroom or bathroom (take a shower and go to bed).

One room at a time

When unpacking, staying organised is very important. That’s why it is recommended that you choose a room and stick to it until it is completely done. Then, you move to another one, and another one, and so on. This organisation will keep you focused. You can set small unpacking goals just to track your success. Also, if you lack motivation, just remind yourself that, if you have tons of unpacked boxes, your adjustment process won’t start.

Don’t let packing supplies slow you down

As you unpack, you will have piles of boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and other packing materials all over the place. That mess can slow you down and distract you without even realising it. Therefore, as soon as you notice that packing material has piled up, store away boxes you can reuse and throw away the rest.