Five reasons London might be your city

London street with flags

In case you are considering moving to London anytime in the near future, or you are thinking about actually leaving the capital after being there for several years, we would like to point out why being a resident of one of the greatest cities currently in existence is actually a good idea. We believe that either of those factors can potentially stir you in the right direction – either coming to or staying in London, depending on your exact situation.

The land of opportunity

No matter what your ambitions and goals in life are, we can guarantee that you will not get better opportunities to achieve them than when you are living in London, which offers great chances for:

  • Education – the capital is home to some of the finest institutions for higher education in the country – from University College London to the London School of Economics and the Royal Academy of dance and anything in between. You can be interested in finance, medicine or art – you will find the best place to develop your talents and skills here.
  • Career advancement – you already know that the annual turnover of the City is greater than any other place on the planet. Many international companies choose to set up their offices in the recently developed district of Canary Wharf as well. The aviation industry has very strong ties to the districts surrounding Heathrow International Airport, and the IT sector is well represented in places such as Bromley and Lewisham. You get the picture – regardless of the field you want to work in, London will offer you access to big, reputable companies with future to try your luck at.
  • Private business – if you want to be your own boss, the environment in London is going to provide you with all the conditions for that. The boroughs of Westminster and Lewisham have the highest number of start-ups in the capital, while companies started in Richmond, Sutton and Bexley are most likely to survive.

If comfort and peace of mind are important to you

London street with flagsLet’s say that you have already built a career and achieved the things in life that you have been hoping for. Now, after many years of struggle, you just want some peace and comfort. Well, it is not said that you have to leave London in order to find those. The capital is not just the most central districts, where the constant traffic, flock of tourists and the general hassle create a little hell on Earth for those of us who prefer to enjoy some silence. A licensed man and van in Colney Hatch, or a reliable domestic van removal service in Erith can help you relocate to a peaceful suburban area you will love.

And if it is culture and a sense of community you are after, well what place better than London? Theatre and arts, urban culture, music – all those things and more are simply thriving on the territory of the capital.