Great Places to live in London

Camden Lock

London is so much more than just the capital of England. This multi-cultural, multi-lingual and huge city is a world of its own. And as one might expect, there is something up to the tastes of everyone in here. The recent statistics show that everyone wants to live in London, otherwise its population would not have risen so drastically in the past decades, right?

In case you will be relocating to London any time soon, here is one practical advice from us – carry out a thorough and very careful research on everything, from the exact location on the map of the metropolis where you will be looking for an apartment or house, to the reliable moving contractor such as Trace Elliot you will be hiring to help you with the relocation.

Here we will try to point out those districts and parts of London that we consider to be the best locations to settle down in. They might appeal to you too.


Camden LockIn case you are looking for a vibrant, youthful location where every time of the day something is going on, then Camden is indeed the right choice for you. The town, which is also the principle settlement of the West London Borough of the same name, has come to be associated with youth culture in the 1980s and one can see why even today. But there is so much more. Here you will be able to benefit from the close proximity of Camden to the City and its great transport links, great value for money when it comes to rent rates and a good deal of amenities. Crime rates in Camden are also significantly lower than other similar locations throughout Greater London.

The borough of Bromley

In case you are more of a suburban type of person, then South London, and more precisely the London Borough of Bromley, has a lot to offer to you. Places such as Biggin Hill TN16, located just on the border of Greater London, are going to provide you with the peace and quiet that you long for. Bromley has other magnificent districts as well. Our top notch man and van experts in Chislehurst report that people are particularly happy with this affluent area, which is by the way home to the Chislehurst Caves – a legendary music venue (and actual caves) where the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, The Who and The Rolling Stones used to hang out and play at. Eden Park man and van services are also in high demand recently, which comes to demonstrate that the district is a rather pleasant place too.

Barking and Dagenham

In recent years the borough has become more and more popular for a number of reasons:

More and more people are coming here, so you might want to dive in before Barking and Dagenham becomes one of those really expensive places.