Hackney and Its Hidden Jewels

Residential Street in Hackney Wick

Located to the immediate north of the City Of London, the borough of Hackney is one of the finest areas in the capital to live in. There are as many as 273 500 people living here on a territory of 19.06 square kilometres, which ranks it rather low on the list of the biggest boroughs in London. It happens so that there are quite a few really nice areas here in Hackney that deserve your attention. In addition to the eponymous district that is now one of the finest suburban towns in the metropolis, there are other areas in Hackney that we would like to point out.

The original extensions of the old town

With the urban development of London, many towns that were in the vicinity of the capital and later incorporated in the metropolitan area got their own expansions. Hackney made no exception to the rule. This happened mainly in the latter half of the 19th century and the early 20th century.

Hackney Marshes E9 is one of the districts that saw high demand for building land by the end of the 19th century. The marshes themselves were drained several times over the course of time, starting from the Middle Ages. The area of Hackney Marshes was used for industrial purposes for much of the history of the area, but recently the land specifically around the celebrated Hackney Wick Stadium was redeveloped and is today part of the Olympic Park that was constructed for the 2012 Games. As one can imagine, those developments had a beneficial effect on the quality of life here in Hackney Marshes. Today there is more and more interest in properties here.

Residential Street in Hackney WickA very similar situation is to be observed when one looks at the neighbouring district of Hackney Wick. Quality man and van services in Hackney Wick are waiting to help you relocate your home to the area, but that is not nearly the best thing about the district. It benefits greatly from its comparatively close proximity to Central London – just 5 miles away from Charing Cross. Portions of the district are again located within the premises of the modern Olympic Park and extensive parts of town were redeveloped as part of the preparations for the Games. One of the main claims to fame for the area is the fact that the notorious 59 Club for motor enthusiasts is based out here. Hackney Wick Overground and Underground stations respectively offer quick and easy access to vital areas throughout the territory of the capital. Services from here run on regular hours and are used by millions of passengers on an annual basis.

The land of gated communities

Regent’s Canal as seen in HaggerstonWhen it comes to great and classy places within the premises of the London Borough of Hackney to live in, we cannot miss to mention the town of Haggerston. Much like other places throughout the capital in the last decades of the 20th century, there were quite a few rundown housing developments here that were not particularly pleasant to look at, let alone live in. Those however were bought by private investors at the turn of the century and today constitute some of the nicest gated communities London has ever seen. Additionally, reliable man and van Haggerston E2 covering services are quite easy to come by, especially on prices that can be described as affordable. The Regent’s Canal runs through the area and accounts for some of the best portions of the district. Additional amenities include the celebrated:

  • Hackney City Farm
  • Haggerston Pool
  • Haggerston School
  • The Holy Trinity Church

Last but not least

The fourth and final district that we would like to bring your attention to here is Homerton E9. Located merely 4.5 miles away from Charing Cross it is the perfect place to settle down in case you are planning on commuting on a daily basis to Central London. Both Hackney Central and Homerton stations of the Overground service the district. On top of that, Homerton is particularly well renowned for the great schools that are to be found within its territory, in particular Cardinal Pole RC School and the City Academy, Hackney. Those are the reason families with children really prefer Homerton.