Move or Renovate – What’s Right for You?

Is there something about your home which you really do not like? If there is, know that most people also hate something about their house. However, if you are sick and tired of compromising with that, you should either move to a new flat or house or to renovate the one in which you are living at the moment. But that is not an easy decision to make since you need to consider various factors such as:

  • Your current financial situation
  • The true cause behind your dissatisfaction with your home
  • The life you will leave behind if you move
  • The time you will spend living on a construction site if you renovate

How much money are willing to spend?

Both moving and renovating will cost you money. If you are confident that you can sell your current home for a good price and if you have already set eyes on the house of your dreams, maybe moving will be the right step for you. Don’t forget to find yourself an inexpensive man and van service in Edmonton N9, N18 to avoid stretching your moving budget beyond recognition.

If you want to make only a few cosmetic changes in your home such as repainting the walls or redecorating one of your rooms, you are not likely to invest a fortune into this ordeal. However, if you need to take walls apart or make major changes on the layout of your property, you should only give yourself a green light for that if you are absolutely certain that you can cover all the expenses and to cope with the stress that comes with such major renovation jobs.


Do you need more space or more rooms?

One of the most common reasons why people move house is because they need more space. However, if you need a kids’ room or a study, for instance, moving into a property that already has these features may be an extreme decision. Before you commit to it, try to work with what you already have. See if you can repurpose some of your rooms and areas of your house and call a local man and van in Anerley EN5, NW7 only if that plan does not work out.

Is there a third option?

Yes, there is – renovate your current home to increase its market price, sell it and move into a bigger property. Still, this option is a good solution only if the cost of the house’s renovation will guarantee you a big return. If you end up spending a ton of money on making various home improvements, only to make a small extra profit, don’t waste your time.

No matter whether you decide to relocate or to renovate, make sure you opt for risk-free storage services in London. You will need to keep many of your furniture and personal possessions away from all construction works during your renovation. If you are planning to move, on the other hand, you will enjoy more flexibility< if you leave some of your items at a local storage facility.