Moving Equipment Required for a Successful Removal

Moving house is usually a stressful experience. Having no adequate moving tools and equipment that will ease the entire carrying, loading, moving, unloading and other similar processes can turn your removal into a real nightmare. If you don’t have proper moving tools, you will waste time by trying to move that heavy coffee table, you risk damaging your belongings, and finally, you risk personal injuries. In order to avoid all of these unwanted situations, we advise you to acquire basic moving tools to make your house move easy and hassle-free or you can just find some professional helpers for hire in London.

Here is a list of essential tools you will need for your upcoming house relocation in Church End NW10 or in any other London area.

Moving dolly

When moving house, there will be a lot of lifting and box carrying. And a moving dolly can save you a lot of trouble with those. You might want to acquire both a utility and a furniture dolly. You can contact a professional and trusted moving company in Gospel Oak and rent them.

  • A utility dolly with two wheels can be sued for moving several boxes at once, which will prevent you from carrying them to the moving truck. You will also avoid back injuries because most of the boxes are usually heavy.
  • A furniture dolly with four wheels is perfect for handling large and heavy objects safely and easily. You will move bulky furniture without a hassle. You just need to make sure that all objects you move with a dolly are well-secured with ropes and straps.

Ropes and Straps

Ropes and straps are important for securing items when moving them, whether it is on a dolly or other way. People usually forget to include this tool in their supplies list. When carrying bulky and heavy items that require more than one pair of hands, moving straps will come handy. For example, you need to move your big-screen TV and you have no one to help you at the moment. You will use straps to move it without risking injuries. You can also use ropes and straps to secure items you are moving on a dolly.

Moving Blankets

If you have antique furniture or furniture pieces you love, you want to protect it against stains, dust, scratches and other damages during your removal. And the best way to do so is to get moving blankets. Carefully wrap your furniture into moving blankets, secure it with ropes and use a furniture dolly to move it to the truck. Do you have a ramp for loading it smoothly onto the truck?


Ramps are useful for various reasons. You will need to set up one that leads to the truck. Loading your items and boxes without a ramp is mission impossible. Plus, if you have stairs, a ramp will be more than necessary. Moving any object down the stairs or up the stairs can be very tricky without a ramp.


One cannot imagine a successful removal in Hammersmith without a tape. Packing boxes, securing furniture parts together and keeping small parts together without a packing tape is not possible. Tape and scissors should be put first on your supplies list. Always keep them near you because you never know when you need to repack a box or similar.