Moving Furniture – Should You Empty the Drawers

Loading furniture

Even if you are planning to use a reliable furniture removal service, moving furniture is one of the most challenging steps of a home removal since most furniture pieces are heavy, tricky to handle and they also take up a lot of space in the moving van which results in higher moving costs. That is why some people prefer to keep the drawers of their furniture like dressers, nightstands and desks full in an attempt to reduce their relocation expenses. But is that a smart decision? The answer depends on a number of factors like:

  • The condition of your furniture
  • The things you keep in the drawers
  • The weight of the furniture piece
  • The way you plan to move the furniture

When should you empty the drawers

Loading furnitureIt is not a good idea to have your drawers packed to the rafters if the furniture piece is very old, broken or wobbly because that may make damage it or the items stored in its drawers. Similar is the case with furniture that is extra heavy. Moving a bulky piece like a solid wood chest of drawers is difficult enough even with empty drawers. Imagine what it would be if they are full. But even if the piece of furniture you want to move is in a perfect state and it is very light, you should consider emptying the drawers if they contain fragile or valuable items like watches, jewellery and etc. Keeping them there is not wise because in that way you will risk damaging both the furniture and the items themselves. Another scenario in which you should take out everything from the drawers is when you are planning to move the furniture piece without professional assistance. Otherwise, you risk harming yourself. Needless to say, furniture removal is safe only when it is carried out by trained pros like those who work for London’s Trace Elliot Man and Van, a company well-known for providing risk-free moving van services in Dartmouth Park NW5.

What can you pack in drawers

There are many items you can put in the drawers of your furniture. Books and clothes definitely fall into that category. The latter of the two won’t even increase the weight of the furniture piece too much. Therefore, don’t hesitate to place things like clothing pieces, towels and socks in all the free drawers that you have to save some money on packing supplies. Plus, you will take less space in the moving truck and you know what that means – cheaper house removal!

How to secure the full drawers during the move

Let’s say that you have already packed your drawers with various items. Don’t assume that the furniture is good to go. Before you call a highly qualified man with a van in Earl’s Court SW5, SW10, you will first need to secure the drawers. If possible, unscrew the handles and screw them on the inside side of the drawer face. That will help keep the handles unscratched. Wrap plastic folio around the furniture to prevent the drawers from accidentally opening during the move. Now, your furniture is finally good to go!