Moving House: Hire Professionals vs. DIY Removal

Hire movers or move all by yourself? This decision is probably one of the toughest you will have to make if you are moving house and it depends on several factors, including money, time, distance and complexity of the relocation. If you are moving locally, then you will probably opt for a DIY removal. However, long-distance moves are a bit more complicated and might require hiring a professional and reputable company. But still, the decision on whether hiring pros or moving home alone should fit your unique requirements and you must weigh all your options before making a choice.

The cost

Before you even start thinking about your moving options, you need to ask yourself one question: What is your moving budget? The answer to this question might help you decide on the best option for you before you even start to plan your move. People usually assume that renting a truck or a self-move is always cheaper than hiring a licensed moving company. But, you need to do the preliminary calculations and add the following costs to get an informed decision:

  • toll costs;

  • packing material;

  • fuel costs;

  • hidden DIY costs;

  • the price of your time, stress and safety;

You might realise that professional relocation services don’t sound that expensive. Compare prices and weigh your options before you decide.

The size of your move

You will need to know how much stuff you are moving in order to determine how much it will cost you and whether using a fast and reliable small removals service in London is the smartest choice for you. If you are moving out of a large house and you have too many possessions, then you should consider hiring professionals. It is also recommended that you hire pros if you have special items, like:

  • antique furniture;

  • a hot tub;

  • a piano;

  • a pool table;

  • chandeliers, etc.;

If, on the other hand, your home inventory is not too big and you don’t have special items that require professional packing and transportation, then you can handle the move by yourself or with the help of your friends.

How much time do you have?

If you have at least 3 weeks until your moving day, then you will probably be able to pull off a successful DIY removal. You must make thorough plans and organise everything to make your move successful. But, if you have one week or less, you won’t have a choice but to hire a professional and insured man and van experts in Cudham TN14 who have experience and knowledge in carrying out efficient and quick removals.


When it comes to safety, professional movers have experience in lifting, carrying and loading heavy items. They are experts and they use special moving strategies, they have the manpower, moving equipment and high-quality packing supplies that guarantee the safety of your belongings. But, if you opt for a self-move, you need to establish a good level of safety to protect your belongings and avoid personal injuries. Learn about lifting and carrying techniques, acquire moving equipment, find helpers, learn how to pack like a pro and dress appropriately.

The complexity of your move

When deciding whether to move alone or hire professional movers, you need to take extra services into consideration. The complexity of your move will need to play an important role in the decision-making process. If you need temporary storage, furniture disassembling, packaging or other additional services, you might consider hiring a competent man with a van in Coulsdon CR5 that offers a lot of additional services.