How to Prep Your Gaming Equipment for a Home Move

If you think of yourself as a gamer, then you probably have a lot of amazing gaming gear in your home and you are using it during pretty much every free minute you have on your schedule. If you are about to move into a new home, you need be very careful when you are handling your gaming equipment. You have probably spent a lot of money on it and if something bad happens to it, you will start your life in your new place on the worst possible foot. To avoid that make sure you:

  • Know how to connect and disconnect every single piece of gaming equipment you own

  • Get yourself some professional-grade packing materials

  • Rely on the assistance of a trustworthy and licensed team of movers

  • Do not pack and move your gaming gear separately

These are the main rules to which you should stick when moving your gaming equipment. Now, let’s see how to properly put them to a good use.

Label everything carefully

Contrary to popular belief, not all gamers are tech-savvy. There are many fans of video and computer games out there who do not have a passion for technology and are only interested in getting a good gaming experience. If you are one of these people and you struggle to connect all your wires, controllers, etc., know that you have nothing to be ashamed of. Connecting and disconnecting your equipment prior to and after the relocation, however, can be quite tricky. That is why you should take photos of your gear and to label all the cables, nuts and bolts.

Use top-quality packing supplies

As it was already noted earlier, gaming gear is pricey. So, spending a few extra bucks on packing materials for your precious video console or gaming PC will be worth it. You can easily find a time-efficient delivery of packing materials in London or even a full packing service.

It is a must to pack your gaming equipment in durable moving boxes or special crates. A desktop computer, a VR headset, motion controllers and many other pieces of gaming tech can be very delicate which makes them more prone to scratching and damaging during their transportation. That makes the use of sturdy boxes necessary in this situation. To protect your gear from static electricity, fill the boxes with packing peanuts.


Pack and move all your gaming gear together

If you can, pack, move and transport your gaming equipment together. In that way, you will be less likely to lose some important wire or controller during the relocation. Plus, if you have decided to use the assistance of a trained man and van in Finsbury Park N4 or in some other London neighbourhood, the pro you have hired will be able to handle them in a more organised and secure manner.

Rely on trusted and insured moving services

Speaking of pros, if your collection of gaming gear is truly impressive, you should not overlook the benefits that a licensed and renowned removals company can offer you. But do make sure that the movers you are planning to book are fully insured, well-equipped and highly experienced.