Survival Guide: Moving Home in a Thunderstorm


London is known for being a rainy city and that is why it is not immune to thunderstorms. July tends to the most thunderstorm-infused month in the UK as a whole. Therefore, if you are prepping for a summer-time house move, you will also need to take into account the fact that there may be a thunderstorm on your moving day. Hopefully, you will not have to deal with such an unpleasant and, often times, dangerous weather because you can:

  • Slip on the wet ground and injure yourself;
  • Get struck by a lightning;
  • Lose your possessions if they get damaged by the rain;

However, if a thunderstorm does show up uninvited on the exact date of your relocation, it is best if you face it well-prepared.

Postpone if you can

ThunderstormAs you certainly know, your chance of survival when you get struck by a lighting is quite slim. And since thunderstorms and lightings go hand-in-hand, it will be wisest if you just postpone your relocation. If that is not an option for you, hire a trained moving expert in your area like a qualified man and van in Highgate N6. As registered moving specialists, these professionals have the knowledge and the experience to carry out even complex moving jobs in tough weather conditions. They can safely and quickly load the moving vehicle. That will allow you to stay indoors during the storm.

Protect your belongings

But even if you rely on the assistance of a vetted pro, you will still need to prepare your possessions and furniture for the rainy weather outside. You can use all sorts of things to cover your items such as bin bags, towels, blankets or plastic sheeting. Some moving businesses offer time-efficient delivery of packing materials in London. You can take advantages of this service and order sturdy moving boxes, quality furniture covers and other waterproof packing supplies in advance.

Have the moving vehicle nearby

No matter whether you have decided to move home with your personal car or with a professional moving van, make sure the vehicle is parked as close to the house as possible. An even better solution would be if it is parked in your garage. For instance, you can book a reliable man and van in Eastcote HA5, HA4 and ask your items to be transported with a small transit vehicle that can easily fit at least under your carport. In that way, your belongings won’t be exposed to rain for too long and the entire loading process will be fast and efficient. Plus, the short distance from your doorstep to the moving vehicle will also mean that you and the movers will be less likely to slip when outside.

Wear the right pair of shoes

One more thing – put on comfy shoes which are waterproof. Even if you park the transit van close to the door of your house, you will still step in a few puddles. Spending the entire moving day with your feet wet is not a good idea, especially if the weather outside is cold. Also, your shoes must have a good grip. Otherwise, you may slip and injure yourself.