10 Moving Box Commandments

Even if you are on a tight budget or you are moving across the street, it is always best if you rely on a skilled man and van in Brent Park NW10, for instance. You may choose to skip this step in an attempt to save money but the one thing you should never overlook when relocating home or office is the important role that moving boxes will play during that process. They are the most important type of packing materials that you will need because they:

  • Come in many different sizes
  • Are not expensive
  • Can be easily obtained
  • Will let you move anything safely and easily

But if you want to enjoy all the earthly benefits that this godly creation can offer to anyone who is going through a relocation, you need to follow the 10 moving box commandments.

Thou shalt not use boxes of the same size

Stock up with cardboard boxes of all possible sizes. Trust us, you will need them. Opt mainly for mid-sized ones and don’t get carried away with the large and extra-large options because they are hard to carry when they are full.

Thou shalt label them properly

Take the time to label each box you pack, especially if it contains fragile items. It is important to mark the room in which it should go. That will help your movers to quickly unload them.

Thou shalt not leave any empty spaces

Packing a moving box in a loose manner is a recipe for a disaster. Leaving a lot of empty spaces between the possessions will fail to prevent them from shifting during their transportation. Fill them with newspapers, packing paper or towels to secure their position.

Thou shalt not overfill

If you put too many things in the cardboard box, it will either be hard to lift or it won’t close properly. It may even tear under the weight of the items. Sometimes all three of these scenarios can unravel at the same time.

Remember to secure each box to prevent it from tearing

Tape the bottom of the boxes thoroughly, especially if they contain heavy possessions. That will prevent them from tearing. An even better idea would be to use ones that have a reinforced lower part.

Thou shalt not use dirty or old packing materials

Second-hand packing materials can save you money but if they are dirty, dusty or too old, they may also damage your belongings. So, opt for trusted packing materials delivery in London.

Thou shalt not underestimate crates

Even the sturdiest box cannot compete against plastic crates on a rainy day. The latter is also a better option for the packing of heavy items.

Thou shalt stay away from bin bags

Bin bags were created for rubbish and not for your precious possessions. They cannot be labelled, they are easily torn, they cannot replace the good ol’ moving box.

Thou shalt seek help from those with more experience

If you don’t know how to pack your stuff, hire a seasoned man with van in Goddington BR6 or some other London area. A qualified mover or packer will handle the packing quickly and easily.

Honour thy friends and thy packers

To those friends and pros who have agreed to lend their hand to you in an hour of need, show your gratitude. Say “Thank you” and maybe even offer them a light snack. If the weather is hot outside, have a cold bottle of water nearby to quench their thirst.