Bulky Furniture? Move Them Using 5 Pro Tips

No matter whether you are launching a full-scale domestic removal or you just need to transport a bulky piece of furniture from point A to point B across the city, there are problems that might arise from such a project. If you want to spare yourself from the majority of the stress and strain associated with moving large sofas, wardrobes, beds etc. and still do a very good job, then you should consider following some of the tips we have to share with you.

Plan accordingly

The key to every successful relocation project is to know exactly what you have to do, when and how you are going to do it. Inspect the premises that you will be dropping off the goods and decide what the best day and time to do it is. Consult with online sources or call a professional moving firm if you are not certain how you should go about certain parts of the job. Timing is also important. Moving jobs are best done when there is not much traffic on the streets in the given area. Another important issue is parking – in many councils in the capital you need to get a special permit in order to be legally able to park a van in front of a building. Avoid unnecessary fines by obtaining the relevant paperwork.

Get a vehicle

Bulky pieces of furniture are often impossible to fit in a regular town car. That is why you might have to consider renting a van for the job. Depending on the number of items and their size, you will have to get either one of the following types of transit vans:

The money you will have to pay will be quite worth it considering you will be ensuring the hassle and accident-free transportation of your possessions.

Sign up for professional help

Moving bulky furniture can indeed be much complicated. That is why you might want to delegate the responsibility to people who are trained and licensed to carry out such a line of work. It should not be a problem finding cheap furniture collection and delivery services in London that live up to your expectations and needs. The best thing to do is to hire a locally operating company, so for example, if you are in Hillingdon, just search for reliable licensed man and van in Hillingdon UB8, UB10.


Check if the piece of furniture you are thinking about transporting can safely be dismantled. If you can do that, it will become much easier to pack and transport it to the newly assigned location. Remember, one of the most important goals before you is to minimize the hassle.

Clear passageways

Inspect stairways, hallways and the elevator in the building you will be moving the furniture out of and into. Most contractors will refuse to do the job if there are obstructions that endanger the health and safety of the people doing the removal. They will be perfectly within their right to refuse service for such a reason.