Tips to Labeling Boxes when Moving

Box label

Removal is usually unpredictable and many things can go wrong if you don’t pay attention to small details, like labeling your boxes. This task might seem irrelevant and most people never even think of it in the first place. But, it is a common packing mistake, because after you get to your new place and start unpacking, you will understand its importance and significance. Therefore, make some time for this task so you can save a lot of it afterwards.

Here are few steps that will help you acquire necessary equipment for this task and how to do it in the most efficient way.

Step one – acquiring the equipment

First you will need few markers in different colors. But, don’t buy some cheap and ordinary markers that will not do the job correctly. You will need a quality and waterproof markers, in order to make sure the writings remain even on a rainy day. Also, when it comes to colors, avoid using just one color. You can buy at least 4 or 5 different colors, to mark the boxes of different rooms.

Second, you will need labels. Here, you have multiple options when buying them. Many moving companies offer these for sale. You can also buy them in local office stores. And the easiest and cheapest way to acquire them is to go online and print them. You have a great selection of different designs, sizes and other.

Step two – when to label boxes

When you think about packing and labeling boxes, you think of it as a simple task that doesn’t require any detailed planning. But you’re wrong because knowing when to start with labeling is very important. For example, labeling boxes before you pack them won’t work because you still don’t know the exact content of the box. Also, labeling the box long after you packed it won’t work either because you will forget by then what’s inside. This is especially problematic when packing small to medium sized items, especially things like small electrical appliances.

Therefore, the best time to carry out this relevant task is right after you pack your box. Simply as that. Not before and not after the packing.

Step three – colorful labeling system

Before you start, you need to have a simple labeling system with colors. You should use different colors for different rooms. This will make your unpacking very simple and you will avoid any confusion that might appear when deciding what room a certain box belongs to. You can use, for example, green for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom, etc. You can pick the color for a certain room randomly or you can make associations that will help you identify the room, like your bathroom is blue so you will use blue. Both ways will work.

So, what does the label has to contain? Well, after you pick the right color, write down the room, the contents of the box and perhaps special warnings if necessary. Note that the special warning signs, including fragile or this side up, should be written and bolded with a black marker so you immediately recognize it.

And finally, before you start unpacking, here is a little helpful tip. Use a colored paper that corresponds to your colored labeling system (blue-bathroom, green-kitchen, etc.) and stick it to every door of each room.