5 Things to Unpack First When Moving House

There are indeed a lot of things to be excited about when you move house. There are the prospects of new career developments, the change of environment can have a very positive impact on your life, you and your family will probably be happier than ever before. First, however, you need to settle down at your new house. In order to do that you will have to unpack your possessions, which has the potential of turning into a little nightmare if you approach the job in the wrong way. Here are the five items to focus your attention to first if you want to unpack in an efficient fashion.

The bag of essentials

The box or bag of essentials should be handled by the licensed man and van in Bromley Common BR3, or wherever else in the capital you are based and hired a contractor from, but rather by you. It goes separately from the rest of your possessions, in the car that you are travelling with, so that it does not get mixed with the other bags and boxes. The essentials vary from case to case, but generally include:

In short, these are the items that you are going to need right away once you have arrived at your new place. It is only logical that you will want to unpack them first before you even start thinking about the rest of the house.

The kitchen

As probably the most high-traffic area in every household and the place where you prepare food for yourself and your family, the kitchen comes high on the list of things to unpack and arrange once you have moved in. Open all drawers and cabinets and decide how you are going to arrange the various utensils you have in the most efficient manner possible. Now it is the time to experiment and let your imagination run so that you can find the optimal option for you, which will make cooking much easier and fun activity.

New furniture

No matter whether your new furniture arrives with the rest of your boxes, or you have hired a separate same-day furniture collection and delivery in London to bring it from the store, you would want to start unpacking the living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. from there. If you are a fan of DIY work, you can try assembling some things such as the bed on your own or hire someone to do it. In any case, your new furniture will be the focus of the interior design of your place.

Bed linen and pillows

You are going to need those the first night you spend at your new home, so do not waste time unpacking the pillows, sheets and blankets you love.

Seasonal clothes

The clothes you will need in the next couple of months should be goods and ready to use as soon as possible. Once you have unpacked them, you will eliminate the potential for cluttering your new home before you have even settled down.