Dos and Don’ts of Moving House

Are you ready to face the challenges of your upcoming domestic relocation? Don’t be nervous, it is not necessary to go through all the stress and strain that people talking about removals usually put their focus on. The truth of the matter is that by following several very simple rules you can turn your moving day into an almost universally pleasant endeavour – one that enables you to reap the benefits of your new home without suffering any of the unpleasant consequences that people often complain about. All you need is to know which things you can do during the preparations and execution of your relocation, and which you are not allowed to.

The don’ts of moving house and how to avoid them

Committing any of the following mistakes can have a potentially disastrous effect on the outcome of your moving project. That is why you should make every effort to avoid doing those:

  • Attempt to carry out the move without the help of professionals – even the smallest of jobs may require special skills, tools or an equipped vehicle to be completed. Look for cheap helpers for hire in London or better yet a locally operating contractor such as a licensed man and van in Bayswater W2 to remedy the situation.
  • Packing in the last possible moment – this causes you to rush things, which is a fool-proof way to committing mistakes, damaging your goods and going through excessive amounts of stress you can easily avoid by starting on time.
  • Moving on weekends – it is worth it to take a day or two off work to finish your domestic move during the week when most contractors offer discounts.
  • Packing everything – the reality is that you do not need all clothes, books and even furniture and appliances that you have at home; they only cause clutter and burden you unnecessary.
  • Not asking your family to help – no matter whether you are living together or not, the members of your family and close personal friends should be more than ready to help you with the strenuous job of moving, so don’t be shy.

As for the things you should do

Create a strict and thorough moving schedule that will include each and every task that needs to be taken care of in advance.

Do not forget that packing needs to start at least a couple of weeks prior to your moving date. The proper way to pack your goods is by following the list you have created after carrying out a house clearance, and working a room at a time, moving on to the next one only after you are finished where you are working on currently.

Cleaning is another thing people tend to overlook. Once you’ve packed your items and are ready to go, sanitise the property top to bottom so that you can get a refund on your rental deposit, or sell the place (if you own it) faster and on a better price. It requires a little more effort, but it is all well worth it.