Housewarming Gift Etiquette – Simple Rules You Should Follow

You have been invited to a housewarming party but you have never been to one. So, you find yourself wondering about small but important details such as:

  • How much money is it appropriate to spend on a housewarming gift?
  • Should you even buy a present for the host?
  • What types of gifts should you pick?
  • How to avoid spending money on a present that won’t get to be used?

The point which you are missing here is that such events should be fun and informal. Although there are several basic rules when it comes to housewarming gift giving, you need to keep calm and simply enjoy the party. Your friend or relative has invited you because he or she wants to share their happiness of moving into a new home with you. But if you are a complete housewarming newbie, stick to this guide and you should have no problem enjoying yourself and the experience in general.

You are the one who sets the budget

Do not feel obliged to spend a certain sum of money on a present for the host. Even if some of the other guests at the party have shared with you their plans to spend hundreds of pounds on an extravagant painting, for instance, you do not need to match their budget. Even the host should not pressure you into spending a lot of money for their party. So, if you can only afford to get them something for £10-20, know that it is ok! There are plenty of excellent things you can get for that amount of money such as a nice house plant, a cutting board and more.

You do not always need to bring a gift

Homeowners who are moving into a fully furnished apartment or a house or have spent weeks decluttering before their relocation in an attempt to save money on professional man and van services in Greenford UB6 may tell you not to bring any gifts at the party. Do respect their wish but do not go empty-handed. Bring a bottle of wine or a fruit basket.

Feel free to ask questions about the home’s style

Many housewarming gifts end up unused because they do not match the taste of the homeowner or the style of the property. If you don’t want the host to seek for quality storage service in London just to have a place to put all the poorly-selected gifts they received, do not hesitate to ask about the home’s layout and interior design style. You can even ask if the host wants anything specific or whether they have left a wish list at some local store. Being more straightforward will make things easier for both you and your friend.

Keep things civilised

Earlier in this article, we mentioned that housewarming parties are typically relaxed and informal. However, this does not mean that you should get carried away by drinking too much alcohol or buying an embarrassing present such as prank gifts, toys for adults, etc. Your friend might have also invited people from work or friends who have children. Therefore, be at your best behaviour.