3 Top Areas in The London Borough of Waltham Forest

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Waltham Forest is one of the best places to live in north-east London. The residential districts in the borough are located at a comfortable distance from Central London and offer transport links that make commuting to any point in the capital swift and easy. The architecture and layout of the neighbourhoods are designed in such a fashion as to cater to the needs of the people living here in the best possible fashion. There is an abundance of amenities, access to entertainment options, sports and recreational facilities. Waltham Forest is one of the greenest boroughs in London. All in all, if you are wondering where exactly in London to settle down, this is one of your best bets. Here we are going to talk in some length about the three top areas in Waltham Forest.

Typical English suburbia

The area of Cann Hall is celebrated for being a peaceful, rather comfortable community. The first mentions of the area are in the Domesday Book, but have no fear – you will not live in the Middle Ages if you choose to settle down here. The majority of the streets in Cann Hall are lined with comfortable Victorian terraced houses – both single-family ones and such that have been divided into flats. The eponymous Cann Hall Road, Colegrave Road, Selby Road, Manbey Street are all offering perfect housing choices for your professionals and families with kids alike. According to the latest estimates, the population of Cann Hall is some 13 799, but it is certainly set to rise in the near future, as evident from the increase in searches for quality man and van services in Cann Hall E11. If you are wondering whether or not you will be able to comfortably travel on a regular basis to Central London from here, note the fact that the district is serviced by as many as three railway stations: Maryland Railway Station, Forest Gate Railway Station and Leytonstone High Road railway station. The nearby Leytonstone also has a tube link on the Central Line.

Pictured: Cann Hall Road

The logical choice

Located some 16 km away from Charing Cross, and benefitting from reliable transport links and swift man and van in Chingford E4 among other things, the town of Chingford is often dubbed the best place to live in the borough of Waltham Forest. The area has a historic feeling to it, and a long list of architectural landmarks to back it up and expand it, such as:

  • The Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge
  • Butler’s Retreat
  • All Saints Church in Chingford Mount
  • Friday Hill House
  • Chingford Old Town Hall

Chingford has one of the highest concentrations of listed buildings in Greater London and it still preserves the spirit of the olden days. It offers peace and quiet to residents and visitors alike. The local community is particularly strong and takes pride in both the various sports teams that are based and operating here and its own members. Cricket, rugby, football and sailing are all sports that are well-represented in the area by a variety of clubs and associations. Famous names that are connected to the area in some way or another include pioneer woman-surgeon Dame Louisa Aldrich-Blake, Apple Chief Design Officer Jonathan Eve, stand-up comedian and TV personality Alan Davies, footballer Harry Kane, film director Peter Greenway and quite a few others.

Surely, if you choose to buy or rent a property in Chingford you will not regret making this decision.

Pictured: Beech House in South Chingford

Last but not least

Located just off the boundaries of Epping Forest, Highams Park is the third area we would like to mention. Over 11 000 people live here, primary in late Victorian and early 1930s houses. Licensed man and van in Highams Park E4 will help you to relocate to here. The district is perfect for families with children and benefits greatly from the presence of a number of fine educational institutions. The eponymous park is probably the best feature of the area. Its lawns, trees and lake offer great opportunities for recreation. There are sporting facilities here, as well as a children’s playground. All residents in this part of London benefit from “The Field”, which is a wide-known nickname of Highams Park.

Pictured: The lake in Highams Park