How to Organise Miscellaneous Items After Removal

Organising your new home after removal can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to miscellaneous items. It can be tempting to dump everything into a drawer and postpone the task for another time. However, if you postpone it, you will probably get stuck with this problem for a long time. You will have less time and energy for this task as days go by. And the most frustrating part will be finding something you need to use. Luckily, we bring you some useful advice on how to organize miscellaneous items after you move to your new place with the help of the most reliable small removals in London.

Miscellaneous items – what are they?

Miscellaneous items are the ones that are gathered together from different sources. In other words, miscellaneous items can be defined as small and important objects that tend to overwhelm. For example, you can have books, toys, office supplies, makeup and other items that you can refer to miscellaneous. Those can include:

  • Electronic chargers
  • Instruction manuals
  • Batteries
  • Shoe polish and brushes
  • Super glue
  • Extension cord
  • Key chains

Things get more complicated when you’re moving house because you want a fresh start, with all items organised and decluttered. The good news is that there are ways to organise these small items and store them in such a way that they will be helpful to us when we need them.

Additional tip: You can focus on this task before removal so it will be easier for you or the most experienced man and van in Belvedere DA17 to pack and safely handle these items.

Store miscellaneous items in specific locations

The best way to do this is to organise miscellaneous items into clear-cut groups logically. As long as it makes sense to you, you’re good to go. For example, some of the miscellaneous items mentioned above can be grouped into electronic items (electronic chargers, extension cord), practical items (key chains, batteries), etc. Now that you have sorted items in the most logical order that works for you, find appropriate places in your house for storing them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Electronic items – in your home office
  • Personal and beauty items – bedroom or bathroom
  • Supply items – kitchen drawer, home office or pantry, etc.

Create appropriate storage solutions such as containers, boxes or drawers and place the items inside.

Keep miscellaneous items in one location

If the former solution doesn’t work for you, you can store all your miscellaneous items together at one place, but the only difference would be organising and labelling groups. Obviously, you should first organise items into well-defined groups, the groups that make the most sense to you. Carefully wrap cords and cables and neatly arrange other items. You can use drawer dividers, store items in jars, use clear zippered plastic bags for storing and others. Next step is identifying a room in your home where you will store all of these items. After you find a permanent storage location, like vanity, filing cabinet or dry sink, everything will be nicely organised and easy to access when needed.